About Jean Klebert by Baldan

jean_klebertBaldan Group is a leading company in Beauty & Health sector. It’s owned by Antonio Baldan, a Milan based entrepreneur with a special talent for anticipating trends and leading innovation.
The success orchestrated by Antonio Baldan is based on a unique combination of high-tech solutions developed by Baldan Group, quality skincare and nutritional products.
Many Baldan Groups brands are undisputed leaders in their field, like Centro Messegue (diet and wellness) & Jean Klebert (skincare and hi-tech device).

Jean Klebert products

Jean Klebert is the company’s range for skin care and hi-tech devices. Amongst our products you will find;

Neo-D Derm a laser-compatible range. A great treatment that compliments your laser sessions and the love of your skin. This product is the link between the laser and the client’s skin care. Neo-D Derm products are non-photosensitizing, and laser- and pulsed light compatible, which means they can be used for treating the skin before and after light sessions.

dermaklebBM Glycolic Plus the first Glycolic was developed by the laboratories of Jean Klebert with an anti oxidant that protects against environmental aggression. Thanks to their special formula, ultraceuticals that can stimulate the skin’s self-repairing powers with longer lasting results.

DermaKleb a cosmoceuticals deliver 3 in 1 therapy: Prevention of damage caused by free radicals. Correction against harmful actions like sun rays. Renewal of the horny layer (first skin layer)  which becomes thinner by time and leads to skin imperfections. Each DermaKleb Product has been selected with the following facts in mind:

  • – Scientifically proven effectiveness
  • – excellent skin tolerance
  • – high concentration of active principals to ensure absorption in sufficient volumes
  • – inclusion in the professional treatments recognized by the prestigious SPA