About Make Up Factory

makeupfactoryMake up Factory was founded in 2005 as a part of the ARTDECO Cosmetic Group. The company headquarters are found in Munich.

Make up Factory believes that, the consumer should be educated and taught what product suits her best and be given professional steps, on how to achieve the look to express her unique and personal beauty.


Professional cosmetics not only for makeup artists, but also for all women with a desire for high-quality products – that was the vision of MAKE UP FACTORY right from the start.

High-end makeup is no longer reserved for professionals only.

In close cooperation with international makeup artists and Europe‘s most renowned cosmetics manufacturers, Make up Factory developed a brand that sets new standards in the world of cosmetics. Brand characteristics are esthetic design, an exceptional color palette and the highest possible quality.

Unique collections based off runway trends allow every woman to create her own makeup style, which enhances her natural beauty.


Aside from maintaining the professional character and meeting the highest quality standards, it is extremely important for MAKE UP FACTORY that its products can be used safely and without concerns.

All products are tested for skin compatibility and dermatologically approved. Comprehensive expertise and strict quality controls guarantee that every product is state of the art.

With its paraben and perfume-free products MAKE UP FACTORY fulfills the wishes of women with demanding and sensitive skins.

Take your natural beauty a step further and enhance and nourish your face with Make up Factory’s revolutionary beauty products. With luxurious foundations, rich lip colors and vibrant eye shadows you can achieve any desired look. Be inspired. Be yourself! Be WOW!


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