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Neoderma Blue Blood Sun Screen


A strong protective tinted sunscreen with an SPF of 30 enrich with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory active ingredients that soothes and protect the skin. For All Skin Types. 50 ml.



Protect the skin against environmental aggression
Protect the skin from the harmful UV rays
Moisturize and soothe the skin

Direction For Use

Apply to face anf neck half an hour before exposure to the sun. Reapply every four hours.


Storage temperature from +5 degrees celsius to +20 degrees celsius
For external use only

Key Active Ingredients

Penetrates the skin and releases oxygen into the tissues, intensifies penetration of other active ingredients.

Vitamin E
Protects and nourishes the skin
Avocado Oil
Protects and nourishes the skin
Cosmetics Filters UVA, UVB, IR
Absorbs harmful sunrays that cause sun damage, pigmentation marks and premature ageing.
Titanium Dioxide
Protects the skin from harmful UV rays
Stimulates cell renewal

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