Painless Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal Information

Our laser machine is an 808nm, which works from the lightest to the darkest skin. From fine to coarse to even dense hairs.

The only diode in hair removal and photorejuvenation that is effective not only in removing hairs but can also be used for toning the face, lifting the skin, fight rosacea, dilated pores with blackheads and soften melanin spots.

Our machine uses three continuous emission modes:


Designed to epilate large areas. For hair removal, it is guaranteed EFFECTIVE, QUICK and NO PAIN!


For small areas that have resistant hairs such as the face or downy hairs, this machine uses a single shot that is TARGETED and POWERFUL. This simply means that it can work with individual hairs.


This mode is automatically sets the laser to PHOTOREJUVENATION. In which, the laser pulse not only target the melanin but also the structures of the skin involved in ageing. This method stimulates the production of new collagen for a lifted, toned skin plus it softens the wrinkles. It is also effective to treat rosacea, redness and most especially dilated pores with blackhead. Melanin spots can also be softened using this mode.

Excellent results are already seen after just the first session on a normal type skin individuals. After 4 sessions, the hair is remarkably reduced, and in many cases, treatment is completed after only 8 sessions.

Our laser machine has a cooling system that enhances safety for epidermal layers.

Our machine is SAFE to be used in the SUMMERTIME, so worry no more!