What Skin Do You Live In?

Before a beauty therapist decide or even you at home what types of products are suitable for your skin, the first step to a healthy skin care regime is knowing what type of skin you have. Everyone’s skin has it’s own needs and it is very important to get to know it before proceeding to skin care.

With the use of our high-tech Skin Analysis Machine, determining your skin type has never been easy! We are able to give you an accurate skin analysis with the images of your own skin sent to you by email or bluetooth. You will also see a comparison between a healthy skin and your own skin. From that, we will both have an idea on what kind of treatment your skin needs.

To give you an idea on what to expect on our Skin Analysis Machine, above are the sample images.

Let’s Talk About The Skin You Live In

Normal Skin

Usually seen in youngsters. It looks fresh and has the necessary nutrients that keeps it’s elasticity. The skin appears healthy and firm. The pores are unnoticeable, a little shiny on the T zone. With daily care, normal skin is maintained.

Oily Skin

Usually appears greasy and shiny with dilated pores (open pores), full sebum (oily) around the nose, chin and forehead (T zone). The skin peels and the whole appearance is rough. It tans quickly, wrinkles appear late but when once it’s visible they are deep. Deep cleansing, is best to be done on an oily skin as it requires special care.

Combination Skin

Most people have this skin type, oily on the forehead, nose and chin ( T zone). The cheeks, eyes and neck can be sometimes normal or dry. Caring for this skin type means that you are caring for two different skin types.

Dry Skin

Lack of moisture, dull and mat with many visible fine lines. No blackheads and no pores. It has a tendency for wrinkles and capillaries ( veins) may appear on the surface of the skin. Dry air, strong sun, lack of moisture, high or low temperature, bad nutrition, slimming diets and abuse of antiseptic solutions may also be the cause of dryness. A hydration facial treatment works well on this skin type.

Dehydrated Skin

It can appear in all skin types. Dehydration means lack of moisture in the Startum Corneum ( epidermis), not oil. Oily skin can also be dehydrated. Irritation, inflammation, itchiness, sensitivity, tightness are what describe this skin type.

Sensitive Skin

Usually very dry, feels tight, becomes inflamed and irritated easily. It’s typical for this skin type to develop redness and can feel itchy. This skin type needs a very specail type of care.

Matured Skin

Skin gradually loses it’s natural firmness, tone and elasticity. Ageing is the cause of slow production of sebum (oil), that leads to increased dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. The eye contour area is the first one to show wrinkles. Next are the face and neck. There are 3 categories of wrinkles: expression lines, wrinkles due to weight loss and age wrinkles. Menopause can also be a factor for matured skin because there is a hormonal changes that leads to thinning of the skin that makes it more sensitive to sun damage and extreme weather.

Once you have known the type of skin you live in, you can start choosing what kind of products and treatments are suitable for you.